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This blog (http://linux.india365.org) is not yet one of the coolest linux blogs around, but I seriously believe it would be one day. I always had a dream to setup a blog which will save all the linux skills I have acquired over the past few years, this can act as a reference document when I need it. So, decided to setup one and finally managed to bring it live on Dec 10th 2010. I felt really proud for what I have done that day.

Open Book:

This blog is an open book. Everybody can read and every body write. If you are ready to contribute some genuine linux articles, tips, tricks then you are wholeheartedly welcome. Help us grow and we shall help you build some reputation around.

For Bloggers:

Well, if you are a blogger, then I’m happy to give you a backlink to your blog for every guest article you write for us. Note that we are not looking for any paid writers as of now, but we may if we have to.


Are you ready for it? If you are, then just register here. Once you finish the registration process, you should get an email shortly with your account details. Use the details to login to our blog and edit your profile. Once you are done, then you are ready to go!!

How to Post Articles?

Use this link to post articles, this is not a good idea though. On the left hand side of your dashboard you should find something called “posts” tab under which you will find “Add New” link. Click on it to visit the place where you can post articles. Write the article and click on submit for review once you are done. We shall review your article and publish it if its found genuine.

Please Don’t SPAM:

I like honest people and I love to work with them. So, be honest with me and post original articles. Please don’t copy articles from other website and post them here. If anybody found guilty, then I might suspend the account of the person immediately without any second thought.


Have any questions? Well, mail me at newtechnologyinfo1@gmail.com.

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