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Symmantec SQA Engineer First Round Interview Question


Describe the booting process? What is init.d what is rc.d How do you troubleshoot NIC card connectivity? You have one working nic, you are asked to connect another. When you bring the system, you don’t find the new NIC. How will you toubleshoot? Hint Ans: Install firmware! Pulic ip and private ip what difference? Static […]

Resetting Administrator Password in Windows 7 – The Easy Way

So, recently I came across this problem to reset windows 7 administrator password in a virtual machine! I thought that it was a big deal, but guess what, I managed to reset the password in 10 minutes! So, this is what I did. On googling, I found this, which eventually redirected me to download “NTPassword […]

Linux File Permissions Tutorial

Linux file permissions is a crucial and most basic concept you have to learn if you are new linux. Most beginners find it really confusing but I don’t think its really that confusing anyway. Whole lot of security for the linux machines is based on the file permissions. So, be careful to learn file permissions […]