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Hi, this is pro and I'm a Software Engineer. I work on linux based servers and and love to code all the time. In this blog you shall find all the helpful tutorials (both text and video), tips, tricks about linux and technologies related to it. Drop down your email address to get the latest updates.

Linux Administrator Interview Questions and Answers for Freshers & Experianced

Here are a list of linux administrator interview questions and answers that can help you crack interviews. We are listing questions and answers for both freshers and experienced. The list has questions asked at Wipro technologies, TCS, CSS CORP, Polaris and few others. If you are a linux admin, you can also help and support the community by adding the questions you faced or the questions you generally ask in an interview. So, here is my list. Continue reading

Virtualization and Security Interview First Round

The interview I have recently attended for Virtualization and Security went on terribly wrong. Here are some basic questions I was asked during the first round.

1: Explain hypervisor in detail.
2: What is a Virus, malware, and a Worm. Explain in detail.
3: Talk about 404 error.
4: Talk about security certificates.


Once I’m done with this, I was rejected. No surprises there, I was not a secirity guy and thats why I had no clue about 2nd and 4th questions (security). So if are attended a security interview make sure to learn about malwares, viruses, worms and other security related stuff. Hope this helped. If you have something to say, please drop me a comment or use my contact page to send me a personal note.

Symmantec SQA Engineer First Round Interview Question

Describe the booting process?

What is init.d

what is rc.d


How do you troubleshoot NIC card connectivity? You have one working nic, you are asked to connect another. When you bring the system, you don’t find the new NIC. How will you toubleshoot?

Hint Ans: Install firmware!

Pulic ip and private ip what difference?

Static and dynamic ip difference?

What is use of subnet mask?

Ans: Subnet mask indentifies what is network id and what is host id?

Ip address and its range?

How do you install GRUB?

A process requires more ram and system is crashing because of lack of ram. How will you troubleshoot it?

How do you reset a admin password in linux?

What is the toughest problem you have solved in your COMPANY?