Virtualization and Security Interview First Round

By | December 15, 2013

The interview I have recently attended for Virtualization and Security went on terribly wrong. Here are some basic questions I was asked during the first round.

1: Explain hypervisor in detail.
2: What is a Virus, malware, and a Worm. Explain in detail.
3: Talk about 404 error.
4: Talk about security certificates.


Once I’m done with this, I was rejected. No surprises there, I was not a secirity guy and thats why I had no clue about 2nd and 4th questions (security). So if are attended a security interview make sure to learn about malwares, viruses, worms and other security related stuff. Hope this helped. If you have something to say, please drop me a comment or use my contact page to send me a personal note.

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