Unix Shell Scripting and Administration Interview Questions

By | June 27, 2013

So here are some of the propable unix shell scripting interview questions you can expect in an interview. The questions include some of the questions asked to me as well.

1: How do you monitor or measure performance of a linux server which is running for more than 5 years with out a break?

a) top

b) sar

c) vmstat

d) iostat

e) free

Check this  for detailed explanation.

2: Explain how dns works, and talk about DNS Table?

3: Explain the concept behind BING and tell us how it works?

4: How do you monitor the status of an application that’s running on a linux box?

Basic experience on Linux cluster.

Working experience on SAN and NAS environment

TCS Linux Administrator Interview QUESTIONS

1: How to Check Performance of Server? (Linux commands)
2: Command to check the total hardware in system?
3: Increase the size of lvm disk? (Command)
4: What is the ibm server console and how to work with it?
5: System down, how do you debug?
6: How to check disk performance, command?
7: How do you check the health of the hard disk?
8: Command to find bad sectors in hard disk?
9: ls command not working (showing io error) what do you do, how to debug?
10: How do you debug when the system is taking long time to authenticate or logging into server?
Ans: May be resolv.conf


Tell me the booting process in linux?

lvm–> How to create logical volume and how to resize?

Shell program to remove all files older than 3 months.

Wipro Requirements

Analyze Monitored Server Parameters (CPU, Memory, Disk, etc).
Volume Manager Administration
Network OS / SW installation
Patch Management
Problem Management
Change Management
Knowledge on High Availability
System/Error Log file administration.

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