Replace Particular Word | Expression at a Line in a File with Sed

By | February 15, 2012

I got a question from one of my friend who is doing his engineering here in chennai. The person asks, How do I replace a particular word in a file which is at a particular line number.

Ex: I have a file named “/home/bio” which has following four lines of text.
My name is John, born and brought up in India
John currently lives in India
John has a Mac

Now, line number 3 “John currently lives in India” has to be changed to “John currently lives in USA”. I just want to replace word “India” line 3 with “USA” how do I do that?

SOLUTION: I’m not a Linux GURU to answer this, but I can give you my solution for this problem. Use the following command to get this done.

cat /home/bio | sed -e "3 s/India/USA/" > /tmp/bio; mv /tmp/bio /home/bio

There may be many other ways to do this but this is just one way of doing it.

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