How to Create preseed.cfg file in Debian Machine

By | February 14, 2012

If you are wondering to create a auto install linux DVD or CD then you should know something about preseed.cfg file. In this article I’m gonna show you how to create the same. This process worked for be on debian lenny system and I hope it should work on ubuntu too.

It is highly recommended to use the default preseed.cfg file to automate the installation process. However, you might want to make few tweeks to the file based on the existing configuration. So, here is how you make your own file.

debconf-get-selections >> preseed.cfg

NOTE:By default, debconf-get-selections is not available on lenny. Install debconf-utils before you run the above command.

You might also use the following to get debconf selections for the installer by using the following command.

debconf-get-selections –installer > preseed.cfg

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