How to change the debugger ports in Eclipse for PHP

By | November 15, 2011

So, I recently came across this error, “Error: “The debug port 9000 is in use. Please select a different port for the debugger.” and I started troubleshooting it right away. I tried to debug one of my php code using eclipse and it failed. I looked into the log file and found what the problem was, looking into the log file pointed me to the error mentioned above. So, by then, I was clear that I have to change the port number of the debugger but I don know where. I took sometime to explore the options present in eclipse and finally found where I can change the port numbers of the debugger. So, here is where you can edit the debugger ports in eclipse helios.

Go to Window > Preferences.

Under that choose “PHP” > “Debug” > “Installed Debuggers.”

So, by default, I had “Xend Debugger” and “Xdebug”. I changed the port number of Xdebug to 9001 and Xend Debugger to 10001 and restarted the eclipse and my debugger started working.

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