Get Users and Employees into Studio in SugarCRM

By | October 14, 2011

Its been quite a while since I posted article in this blog, so today I decided to post an article to keep this blog alive. I’ve been working with an opensource CRM called (SugarCRM) for a while now and today I’m gonna post an article that will let you know how to get the Users Module to your Studio.

Just go to the home directory of SugarCRM, which is typically something link (/var/www/SugarCRM) if you are working in a localhost environment. Now, from your SugarCRM home directory go to modules/Users/metadata/ and create a file called studio.php.

Creating studio.php in your metadata folder, will allow you to see the USERS module in your sugarCRM studio. You can now add relationships from your users module from here on.

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