Locking Files in Linux Debian and Ubuntu – Checkmate To Root User

By | February 4, 2011
Do you have a requrement to protect some critical files in your linux machine, even from the root users?. Well, if you do, then here is a command that might help you. This command just lock the file and even a root user can’t delete it or write on it. Read on to know more.

chattr is a linux command that protects the file using extended file system ‘i’ attribute. ¬†Once the command is executed, the file can’t be written, deleated nor linked, even by the administrators. You can do this as below.
chattr +i filename
Now, the file is locked. Try to delete it or write into it as a root user. You can’t.
You can verify the protection by using “lsattr” command, and you should see the output that proceedes.
lsattr filename
—-i———— filename
Here is how you remove the lock.
chattr -i filename
You can now delete and write the file as you wished.

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