Shell Scripting

By | January 8, 2011

Shell scripting is one of my favorite scripting languages besides perl. This is the first scripting language I’ve ever learned and it helped me a lot in finishing few of my projects in time. Automating these shell scripts in linux can fetch you desired results from time to time with out any human involvement and that’s the beauty of shell script.

I will make some regular tutorials about shell script right from the scratch. The scripting language can help you to create plenty of new commands with the combination of all the utilities available in your linux machine. You can also use these scripts to start a service when the system reboots. There are many multiple users of using shell scripts and you shall learn few of them from here. Now, if you are beginner, then I seriously suggest you to follow this series. All the shell script related links shall be posted right here after they are posted in this blog. So, bookmark this post or subscribe to our feeds or email listing to find more interesting shell scripting stuff.

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